You may notice that there's a bit of a gap in between the last update and this one. Despite this, Chutney Exhibition has continued to exist and do things, as you can see from the Twitter feed on the right. There's also our Facebook Page, where will be posting our events and output for all to see.

Every month there will be a podcast. These will alternate between live recordings of 'Poets Against Humanity' and a new spoken word project 'Lies, Dreaming'. Any other live shows - be they comedy, theatre or spoken word - will be listed on Twitter or Facebook.

There will be no more regular updates on this website.


Poets Against Humanity #1 by Chutneyexhibition on Mixcloud

Poets Against Humanity kicked off successfully on the 27th of November, with a second show following on January 14th. Poets Against Humanity will be a bi-monthly event, with the show on one month, and the podcast released the next. So far the contestants have included Rachel McCrum, Miko Berry, Marianne MacRae, Suky Goodfellow, Sian Bevan and Kevin Mclean. The next show will be on Wednesday 25th of March, 8pm at the Banshee Labyrinth.

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The Impossible Quiz Sampler

Poets Against Humanity #1

Poets Against Humanity #1 by Chutneyexhibition on Mixcloud

Adapted under Creative Commons licence from Cards Against Humanity

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