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Andrew Blair

Andrew Blair is a liar.

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Chutney Exhibition

Chutney Exhibition is all around you. Chutney Exhibition is the computer.

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James W. Woë

A man the BNP have described as 'the greatest threat to galactic civilization'. He is the last great eccentric and he will fight any duck that disagrees with him. Mixing esoteric surrealism with love, life and death, he can regularly be found performing stand-up around Scotland. He is a militant eco-clown for the new world order. His Myspace Comedy page can be found at

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David Bard

David Bard is currently trying to establish a separate identity from that of his hair, which people find infinitely more interesting than David himself. David’s hair likes to read things, write things, say things, listen to things, see things, eat and drink things and occasionally sleep.

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Rory Ratcliffe

Rory Ratcliffe is the shining hope for the thinking man of tomorrow. He doesn't take fools gladly, and cuts through all the spiel to tell you THE TRUTH. As an only child he was given the confidence by his upbringing to say whatever he wanted, safe in the knowledge that he is definitely right. His ideal woman is a version of his mother it would be alright to have sex with.

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Suky Goodfellow

Suky Goodfellow is not the famous dancing carthouse, exotic plant or fatal disease that you are thinking of.

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Ali George

Ali George is a fragrant young person with willowy elbows and ebullient ankles that occasionally get her into trouble with passing Victorians. As a recent graduate in a terrible recession, she endeavours to make herself useful by spending her days teaching young offenders skills to enable them to contribute more than thoughtless stabbings to society – knitting, jam making, cartography and so on. One day she would like to write or draw pictures with speech bubbles on for a living, but seeing as these are the wispy dreams of a ttl n00b she’ll most likely be an embittered civil servant instead.

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Ross McCleary

Ross McCleary uses found materials and constraints to create work that often requires long, tedious explanations. He blogs about Real Life magazines at (Photo by Mike Andrews)

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Alex Harwood

Resurrected from the fossilised bulb of a Cretaceous daffodil burgled from the Natural History Museum in the mid-nineties, Alex spends much of his time on the windowsill of his kitchen. His wife is a hummingbird.

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Roddy Shippin

Roddy Shippin is an Edinburgh-based poet, call centre-Sisyphus and worse-than-mediocre cricketer. He has previously had poems in such places as The Delinquent, Ink Sweat & Tears, Pushand One Night Stanzas. He helps to run Blind Poetics – a monthly Edinburgh poetry evening – as well as edit the poetry at Valve Journal. Poetic influences include Edwin Morgan, Amiri Baraka and Shiv Chanderpaul.

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Steven Hurley

When Steven's plots for world domination aren't being thwarted by petulant teen heroes and their irritating ilk, he enjoys long walks along the beach, bike rides and late night talks. His favourite colour is Mystic Mauve with a hint of Sapphire Springs and his favourite hobby is placing his foes in nefarious traps and mocking them as they attempt to escape. He is a Professor of Evil, a title he purchased on the internet, and will one day rule the world from his lair hidden atop an unspecified volcano.

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Mark Harrison

Mark Harrison is a writer and comedian from Middlesbrough. His film reviews and features are regularly found on Den of Geek and, but by night, he writes comedy sketches for the troupe known as Cheap Craic, in which he also performs. He's really just a baby, but somehow he feels older and older every day.


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